What You’ll Do!

A trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River offers a wonderful balance of active adventures during the day with peaceful relaxation each evening in your riverside campsite. With 3 different boat options for rafters, amazing continuous whitewater for kayakers, gorgeous hiking opportunities and incredible fly-fishing, this is a trip that will satisfy all of your urges for activity.

Paddle Raft & Inflatable Kayaks

Paddle Raft & Inflatable Kayaks

Most Middle Fork rafting trips offer a great mix of adventures. Rafters can choose to take it easy or fish in an oar boat rowed completely by a guide. A more active option would be a paddle raft, which is powered by a team of paddlers with a guide to steer. Inflatable kayaks offer the most independence and exertion. Generally, each rafter will spend some time in each type of boat.

Hardshell kayakers are welcome to paddle along with a rafting group if they have the experience. Oar boats will carry all of your gear.

Upon arrival in camp, you will find your tent already set up leaving you time to hike to a hot spring, fish a side creek or soak your feet while enjoying a glass of wine. The Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness area will be your playground for 6 full days. Games of horseshoes or charades are common around camp. Drinks and appetizers will be available in the late afternoon, followed by full dinners and desserts.